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Katia Txi
Naturopathy / Homeopathy
Psychosomatic analysis
Consciousness and the quantum world of Health and Healing
If you learn to listen to the whole of your body whisper – you will not need to hear it scream

Katia TXI works incessantly in the field of alternative and truly wholistic approaches to helping the human body return to its innate balance. Her articles and webinars explore the psychosomatic roots of dis-ease, as well as the key role of spiritual (quantum!) growth in acquiring solid health in the physical - a higher vibrational consciousness is fundamental for achieving this goal.

Originally her experience was focused on biomedicine, nutritional therapies and herbalism, yet with time intuitive coaching, the psyche and energy work were also integrated in her way of addressing a person’s need for healing.

Integrative approach to health by Katia TXI — implies a 360 management of the human body with unbreakable interconnections between biology, biochemistry, quantum physics, kinesiology, etc, it’s truly about how the physical flesh can never be viewed as separate from the mental/emotional field and the Spirit. Only a combined analysis of all our ‘layers’ can help a person find his way to a path of transformation and healing where biochemistry, hypnotherapy, bioenergetics, homeopathy and many more tools will be employed. The true value of such a vision is at the heart of all of Katia’s published materials in her many channels of broadcast on social media (Instagram, YouTube), in her webinars on and in the interviews she conducts with prominent scientists and public personas from all over the world.

The blog of Katia TXI today is a vibrant and active community of over 600 thousands of like-minded individuals, who have taken back the responsibility for their health, who analyse the information available to them with a critical eye and who believe that love and the understanding of our onenness are the foundation of a bright future for our world.

Katia Txi is part of an international circle of public figures called “Evolutionary Leaders” (, and alongside her colleagues from that forum speaks of the basic human rights of choice and informed consent among other important concepts.

Philanthropy and numerous charity projects that Katia leads achieve substantial resource raising for helping people with terminal conditions, for producing documentaries or sponsoring independent research in various fields.

Katia has accumulated 4 higher educations and multiple certifications over the course of the last 20 years and this knowledge/experience base is what built her as the multifaceted specialist she is today. She considers herself to be a citizen of the world since she was born in Moscow, Russia, lived extensive periods in the U.S., Spain and the UK, and always enjoys travelling around the globe. At present she resides in London, UK together with her husband and two children.